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 our aim is simple. 

The place for Curious ADHDers

We collect and share ideas, strategies and approaches which

ourselves and others with ADHD have tried and that have really helped.

We are Emma Aylett & Stuart Cohen

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ADHDers who like to find ways to live with more ease
podcast hosts of 'I tried this it worked'.

Sometimes life with ADHD is all about finding the right approach or strategy that helps you to live an ADHD life with more ease.

The things that work for you may seem odd or counterintuitive to non- ADHDers.​ That's okay, here you are among friends who get it.

At ‘I tried this it worked’ we welcome everything from the purely practical to the quirky; the simple 5 minute fix to a daily routine; creative ideas and digital solutions, small changes, life changing and everything in between.


We like celebrating

the things that are working for fellow ADHDers and along the way perhaps offer inspiration about what might work for you.

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1) Listen to the I tried this it worked podcast -

co-hosted by Emma and Stuart. We upload an episode every 2 weeks. Because you are busy people we usually keep it to around 20 minutes, each is themed around a particular topic.

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3) Read the blog - The blogs explore some of the podcast topics in a different way.


4) Add your own I tried this it worked contributions. We would love to hear from you. find out how here 


5) If you fancy working with us we run occasional  online workshops & get togethers. We are currently preparing our schedule of events for 2023.

A short audio intro to the 'I tried this it worked' podcast.

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