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A little bit about Emma 

So, when I heard the radio phone-in for adults with ADHD it was like a big imaginary finger jabbing at me saying ‘Well, what are you going to do about it?’

That week had been a flurry of ADHD coincidences. I’d turn over a magazine and there would be an article about ADHD, I’d switch on the radio and there was an actor saying they had been recently diagnosed and ADHD videos kept suggesting themselves to me on YouTube. However,  it was an ADHD phone-in, and one caller, in particular, that triggered me into action and following more than a decade of strongly suspecting I was ADHD I finally booked a doctor’s appointment. I was nervous and pacing the floor- she was considerate, thoughtful and admitted that she didn’t know very much at all about ADHD, but she worked hard on my behalf to get me a diagnosis.

So a few years down the line, I’m now  a certified ADHD coach. Why? Well,  I just feel that there is a great advantage in ADHDers working with someone who understands what ADHD feels and looks like and let's face it something which seem absolutely normal to us ADHDers may seem strange and counterintuitive to others. I like coaching as an approach, it's positive, future and strength focused and can really support people to make the changes in the lives they want. 

For all the challenges I also need to reflect that some aspects of ADHD have supported my other work which has all been linked through creativity, story and learning. I think that my ADHD has at least supported my curiosity, idea generation and bravery in trying new things. As a long-term freelancer I have captured people’s stories as an oral historian and curator, shared stories as a storyteller, performer, video and sound artist, encouraged others’ creativity through developing and running a diverse range of projects and creative workshops and created learning experiences as a tutor and creative facilitator, supporting children and adults in developing their creative skills so they could share their own stories.

I believe that understanding your own story can help you shape your life. 

When Stuart and I first started chatting we thought that it would be good to create a podcast to reflect our positive attitude for things that can support our lives with ADHD. It felt like a great idea to reach out to other ADHDers to share their stories too. It seemed like a perfect route to take, I love working with sound and story and I edit the podcast which is a great joy!

We really hope that you enjoy the podcast and get involved. 

If you are interested in my work you will find links at the top of the page.

Bye Emma 


So if you would like to work with me

as either an ADHD coach

or creativity coach

just send me an email 


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