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The ADHD challenge of getting from here to there!

So you have a great idea. You also have ADHD. What next?

So, you want to start a new project, but there is a big mountain between you and your goal. You are at ground level and when you look up there is a long way between you and the summit above.

Are you down hearted? Want to give up before you have begun? The chances are that if you have ADHD your answer may well be a resounding NO.

For many of us, myself included, the challenge of a new project can often provide us with energy, drive and motivation. We jump straight in, grab a climbing rope and a sandwich on the way and we’re off. With all that problem solving, challenge and newness the dopamine is flying… Well, that’s at the beginning…

Often the challenge for an ADHDer is how to maintain the energy and drive over a sustained period.

You can see the shining goal in the distance at the top of the mountain but the route between you and it seems conveniently covered by a thick mist. It’s only sometime later when you find yourself plodding step by step along the path when the challenge seems altogether different. It might be a week, month, six months later but the initial sustaining excitement and interest has worn away and the work of keeping up the energy begins. If that sounds familiar to you – it’s okay. That doesn’t mean to say that you can’t keep at it, achieve that goal, finish that project but it might just need a new strategy, a different approach.

Some questions to ask yourself

  1. What is your gut response to the prospect of completing a longer project?

  2. Do I find some longer projects or commitments easier than others?

  3. What helps me to stay on track and get to the project finish line?

When we started our podcast I Tried this it Worked myself and Stuart were both aware that the set up and early development wasn’t going to be the difficult part, rather as ADHDers it was going to be finding a happy working place where we could maintain the sustained energy and drive to reach, fingers crossed, episode 50 and beyond. Can we find the ways to keep our dopamine flowing down the path ahead? Can we find the best strategies for each or us for this particular project? Watch this space….

Bye Emma

I'm a certified ADHD coach and ADHD creative facilitator if you would like to get in touch just email me at

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