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How Fans Focus My ADHD

I tried this it worked! Here’s a seventeen dollar solution that will blow your mind, literally. I have concluded that I get more done with a little wind in my face.

Here’s a $17 solution that will blow your mind, literally.

I have concluded that I get more done with a little wind in my face.

I know this sounds a bit anti-intuitive to be working against the wind but I have tried this and it works.

To clarify, the wind I speak of is generated by a lil 6” fan which is clipped onto the edge of my desk. It is pointing right at me, right now and I like it!

Marketed as a personal, portable travel fan I can vouch for its effectiveness as it has accompanied us on planes, trains and automobiles. When Kimberly and I are on the road again it always comes with.

Wind, you wonder?

Perhaps I have overstated its strength.

To clear the air, the product description does read ‘small but mighty’. And, when set at top speed it delivers a mighty blow yet not enough to knock my socks off.

So, more like a summer breeze.

My cheeks don't ruffle, my nasal passages don't dry and my lips don't chap. The current comfortably brushes my face rendering the tactile sensation as pleasing.

What's the rub? It provides my brand of ADHD with traction versus distraction. The soothing air enables me to stay focused and more productive.

Over the years I have tried many things to manage my personal ADHD pitfalls and potholes I experience while working, including procrastination and brain fog.

These include sensory strategies like listening to chill beats music, being in direct natural light, filling the air with scented oils, and snacking on peanuts or tortilla chips while working.

Who knew that at 58 I'd discover an ADHD productivity solution that is both invisible and capable, a clever way to make distraction drift away?

How does it work? This gentle face massage has a calming effect probably because it activates my para-sympathetic nervous system. (After all, touch is tops on my list of love languages.)

Could this be the true meaning of being kissed by the wind?

Whether your office is home-based or in a corporate space I wonder if fans have worked for you? Why not give it a go and report back? Emma and I look forward to airing your experience in a future I Tried This It Worked podcast.

(Those who work in retail might try the mini-handheld type fan.)

Until my toupee flies off and is gone with the wind, I am a new fan of fans.

May you have fair winds!

© 2022 Stuart Cohen. All rights reserved

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