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I Challenged My ADHD To Write This In 5 Minutes. It Worked!

If you can read this as fast as I have typed it -- and you are curious to give yourself the five minute challenge -- then it worked! Ready, set, go ...

And ... begin!

I have errands to run. I want to be out the door in five minutes. I have struggled writing this article.


I've been overthinking it.

Summed up: I've been perseverating.

And so, I will now try out a strategy that Emma discussed on the I Tried This It Worked podcast episode XX.

The countdown clock is ticking - it shows 3:51. Uh oh. I best write SOMETHING interesting or this test will fail.

Giving myself a tight time limit -- or deadline -- HAS got my hyper-focused.

I like it.

I am leaning in, thinking and typing fast.

I am wondering how many other tasks I can do with a tight deadline versus doing spontaneous, random stuff (which is my usual practice, kinda like the Pokey Little Puppy?).

Removing the rules ... NOT overthinking the open, the body and the close of this piece .. pleases me.

I even allowed a type-o which I will fix later.

Letting my head simply POUR OUT is kinda cool.

Fortunately, I paid attention in Home Economics class. I was in Junior High School, so probably around 13 years old, when teacher taught me how to type on a typewriter without ever looking at the keys.

Which explains why I can't type with my thumbs on my iPhone to save my life.

I miss my Blackberry although I did have to type with my thumbs then too, yes? At least there were individual keys I could FEEL.

So, beyond a shadow



This self-imposed ADHD deadline challenge is done!

Did I trick my ADHD brain into a state of hyper-focus or did I leverage it?

The answer is YES. (Both are correct.)

And because I can't be late to run my errands (yes, this was a made-up deadline and Kimberly is NOT waiting for me impatiently at the door), I will close my thoughts so I have not wasted your time.

So, beyond a shadow of a doubt:

  1. I can type SUPER FAST when I need to. Teach would be proud -- I haven't looked at my keyboard once!!

b) I have proved to myself that I can and will leverage five minutes to my advantage - on purpose. I suppose that as long as I DO have something to do, and have a goal of being out the door, it does not have to be an appointment I am racing for.

I CAN play a mind-game with myself and WIN.

I'll let you be the judge of that, however.

Was this worth the read? I bet it took you even less time to read it then it took me to write it.

If you've never given it a try, will you and report back?

Over and out ... in minute 8.

Am I late? Nah, I'm good to run my errands now.

And, article done!

If you can read this as fast as I have typed it -- and you are curious to give yourself the 5 minute deadline challenge -- then it worked! Ready, set, go ...

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