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The first rule of our ADHD podcast ‘I tried this it worked’

So here at ‘I tried this it worked’ we have one main mission, which is to bring together examples of things that ADHDers have tried that have made their ADHD lives easier and to share them.

You may be an ADHDer like me who

has over the years tried many different strategies and approaches to help navigate life with ADHD. You may have developed strategies at a time when you didn’t even know you had ADHD. In my life, I have largely enjoyed the process of exploring what might work, adapting it for my situation and experimenting to see if it helps.

Many of the strategies and approaches we use, however successful, often require adapting over time or they might be thrown out and replaced as we try new things. Some of the reasons for this might be because –

Strategies we used can often be changeable, evolving or replaced over time. 5 reasons perhaps why

  • Things tend to change in our lives over time and what works one year might not work the next.

  • Sometimes life is going okay and is relatively calm but sometimes life can just bring a load of stuff and dump it on your head. Different life challenges can require different ADHD strategies.

  • Sometimes we can just get bored with the approach we are taking and move on to other more stimulating ideas whether the old one was working or not.

  • Some strategies we have used might, in reality, have just been stinkers! Some we haven’t given a fair try as we become emmersed in setting things up, disappearing down rabbit holes and then never really applying the strategy. Although we do now have a lovely looking form/document/post-it-note sculpture!

  • Some approaches have worked really well we have just forgotten how great they were or even what they were!

So now for the first rule of I ‘tried this it worked.’

We don’t have rules as such but if we the first rule of ITTIW is not ‘

Don’t talk about I tried this it worked’ but the exact opposite. DO talk and share what you have tried with others. You never know something you’ve tried for let’s say helping with procrastination maybe just the thing that inspires someone else

with ADHD to look at things a little differently.

We are all for offering a range of tested ideas perhaps to just create a spark of ADHD inspiration in someone else’s head. We are certainly not about giving advice here just sharing ideas. So, we would be delighted if you share yours.

So talking about strategies for procrastination. I’ve got some ideas about that but, well, I’ll need to get round to that later

Bye Emma

© 2022 Emma Aylett. All rights reserved

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